Halligan Projects does technology and strategy work for small businesses and non-profits.

We specialize in CRM, CMS, and database work. Often we work with clients to re-engineer processes, refine strategic alignment, adjust information architecture, and re-align staffing adjustments before systematizing their work in software.

We particularly enjoy working with clients who see their information technology as a strategic asset and who are working towards being a data-driven organization. We operate and participate in an ad hoc network of people with deep knowledge specific products and disciplines.

We are very flexible in where we fit in a project. Some of our work comes in through DC-area consulting firms that cater to non-profits. These are sub-contracting arrangements. Sometimes Halligan Projects brings other firms in as subcontractors where we pursue and fulfill direct contacts as the prime contractor.

We’ve recently been developing our Microsoft Partner status (Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Project, and Dynamics), our program management system skills,¬†and our skills in Dynamics,¬†SharePoint, Salesforce, and WordPress. We continue to work in many software platforms, web platforms (Google Apps), CRMs (Customer or Constituent Management Systems), CMSs (Content Management Systems such as WordPress), in areas of transparency, collaboration, near-shoring, crowdsourcing, social media, and other developing methods of distributing work tasks and targeting information/business intelligence to relevant people.