A Start….

This blog got covered by another blog. That may sound like an echo chamber but that’s a positve thing in the (gag me) blogosphere. I was hoping to keep a separation between my intemperate blogging id and my ANC id but this guy links them:


…better to go out with a bang than a wimper….

Do any of my readers use RSS feeds? The feeling that screaming in the wilderness is bad enough (when no one who I show this thing will post a comment) but spending time setting up an RSS feed when I doubt any (either) of my readers would subscribe, would be depressing. An alternative would be to email a link to people who I’d like to read a partular post.

(Pardon the navel-gazing but I do want to repeat that I’m still feeling my way into this and want to develop a bit of a coherent style and message before taking this out of beta.)

What’s an ANC Commissioner?

I overheard the neighbor of a Maryland friend of mine ask what an ANC Commissioner does. My friend who often hears me on the phone said, “It seems they try to make people who are getting paid by the DC government actually do their jobs.” I liked that.

Chatty Blather

Now back from the beach with 235 activism emails piled up, I’ve been thoroughly avoiding chasing up any paying work by sending over 50 activist emails a day. ABC/ABRA, DDoT, DPW, MPD, the US Attorney, the Parks Dept, and Robert Bobb have been my targets. Continue reading “Chatty Blather”

Call to Action on DupontForum

Posted to The Dupont Forum

We’ve been having some success calling 727-1000 to report public trash cans overflowing. They have come out right away. That’s really not a long term solution, though. The DCCA Environment Committee that was announced this week will help as well. Our Neighborhood Services Coordinator is making some progress, but he doesn’t get enough support. I asked to meet with the Dep. Director of DPW but like so many requests it fell though the cracks – which brings me to my point. Continue reading “Call to Action on DupontForum”

…not in touch with what is going on in trenches

I was telling some ANC commissioners today how I’ve been surprised to recently hear Mayor Williams and 3 City Councilman go out of their way to praise DDoT Director, Dan Tangherlini. Where as, I can’t find an ANC Commissioner who doesn’t think that DDoT is abysmally managed, that dealing with them isn’t torture, and that they are not incredibly inefficient. Tangherlini has been the director since the department was founded. How could he not be to blame? One commissioner today theorized that Tangherlini must “manage up” better than he “manages down”.

Note to City Council and Mayor Williams: you are not in touch with what is going on in trenches if you are saying Tangherlini is doing a good job.

Start a Group?

One of my beta readers had the thought that this rebellion against being abused should be formed as a group that would endorse candidates. The young and upcoming political class who are willing to speak truth to power. After an initial sit-down, my friend is going to come back with something written.

One of my thoughts is that if 15 people or 50 people had blogs like this one – that were all linked – it would be a group in itself. The media wouldn’t have to call around to get stories, they would just read the blogs.

Having an occasional meeting would be interesting, though. I’m thinking we could show the movie Network at the first one.


DDoT-Urban Forestry Administrator Doesn’t Care About Our Gingko Hell

I typically have 40 to 60 such open items with DDoT. Many of these tasks stay open for years. The Director of DDoT has testified at his oversight hearing that he told his staff to not spend time on citizens questions because it gets in the way of them accomplishing things. Here’s a typical devolving encounter:

<< I was giving you the benefit of the doubt by starting out believing that you were going to follow up. This experience has turned out the same as most DDoT experiences: I ask why DDoT didn’t properly do what they are tasked to do; DDoT pretended they were checking on it; I squawk and squawk and it still falls between the cracks. Continue reading “DDoT-Urban Forestry Administrator Doesn’t Care About Our Gingko Hell”

Buildings Falling Down

I’ve heard of 7 buildings falling down in the neighborhoods surrounding me – Dupont, Adams Morgan, Logan, and Shaw – in the past year. Last year, I sat down with the Chief Building Inspector to show him the press clippings of 4 of them. He hadn’t heard of them. Most of these were Victorian brick houses or early 20th century apartment buildings that were under construction or where the neighboring lot was under construction. Almost every one in the city knows what a painful process it is to get a permit to do such construction and how inspectors come around at every stage in the process. How hard could it be to only permit and monitor work that will not allow buildings to fall down? They have the PR that they are busting illegal construction: D.C. Battling Boom in Illegal Work on Homes Continue reading “Buildings Falling Down”