CM Michael Brown

Councilman Michael Brown graciously called this morning (after seeing my quote here: DC Considers Parking Exemption) to explain that he is working on all sorts of things that I may find important. We talked about foster care and DC statehood. He sent me his full press release on what else he is proposing. I thank him for his call and am sorry to have assumed the parking proposal was the most important thing he proposed.

My constant theme when talking about the DC government is how people who work for the DC government (elected, appointed, and hired) too often act as if the status quo is acceptable. So I continue to repeat (and did to Mike Neibauer at the Examiner) that everyone needs to concentrate on the big picture problems rather than the multitude of small problems.

Hodge Podge

Email Address/Logons – I changed my email address recently. A month after sending notification to the people in my address book, more than 95% of my email is coming to the new address. Given that most address books and CRM systems I look at are pretty messed-up looking,  I’m pleasantly surprised that such a large percentage of people are maintaining their address books that well. The labor-intensive part of the switch-over has been changing my registration contact with services. I counted 124 different logons or contact forms I’ve changed. Only about 10 of the services offered Open ID or Facebook Connect logons; maybe next time I switch logons en masse, I’ll be able to use universal logons. Continue reading “Hodge Podge”