One could say the DC government is bought and paid for by developers.

This started as a post in the DupontForum.

You should be worried about the cost effective use of your money. In 2002 we asked for a fence, a double gate, and some pea gravel. Parks and Rec brought in some fancy landscape architect and milked that idea for 7 years. When I was on the ANC, we approved a far simpler dog park than what we got. As fancy as it is and with 7 years to get it right, there are too many problems. This to me points to this government’s huge inclination towards contractors. One could say the DC government is bought and paid for by developers.

 Notice that when Mayor Fenty is asked about the progress of the city, he cites that they are building schools, libraries, and parks. Continue reading “One could say the DC government is bought and paid for by developers.”

Entrepreneurial Office Supply Extremism

One of the things about working for and with small businesses is that you have to do almost everything yourself. This morning when I was trying to print out a contract to sign, the ink ran out in my printer right before it printed the signature page. Of course the client needed it signed and scanned back immediately. I pulled the black ink cartridge out, went over to the sink, and blew into the air hole in the top of the little tank. Some ink squirted out. So, I put it back in the printer. It worked enough to print a few more docs. That’s an awesome entrepreneurial office supply hack if I do have to say so myself.