Using HubSpot and Office 365

I’m finally signing up a customer/partner with my brother’s (now huge) company and with Microsoft’s Office 365. We’re going to be linking up MS Dynamics CRM and integrating quite a few services into this new site. You’d think that customer would be run by younger folks but no; this is a company run by a guy around 60 who sees the social media marketing light. I’ve always been a fan of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing program but have never implemented it until now.

Also, MS Office 365 is launching tomorrow. I’ve been studying and testing this service for months and hope it takes off. It’s essentially all the technology  infrastructure a company needs – offered as a cloud service with a monthly fee per-user payment model. (If you bring on temporary summer or holiday employees, you can pay for a $2 to $24 subscription to onboard each employee for only a month or two.)  I love adding arrows to my quiver.