Deeper Into the MS Cloud

Since writing a piece on my interest in Microsoft’s new cloud offerings, I’ve been spending lots of down-time learning Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync) and MS Dynamics CRM. I’m fine with open source and Salesforce projects, but they don’t motivate me to stay up late investigating something like an integration scenario as Dynamics has been. I’m really into it – exploring how non-profits, professional services, events management, real estate management, plumbing company, and call centers Dynamics solutions work. MS plans to add Intune and CRM to the Office 365 plans in the next 6 months.

Disposable Websites

I’ve managed WordPress website projects that take a whole year to launch with re-design, multiple custom themes, data transformation, data presentation, and (you probably guessed) complicated internal politics. But I do love a website that goes from idea to launched in  few hours. This last one went like this, “You’ve done all this great research over the past year. You’ve emailed it around, but it’s not getting covered in the press. People ought to be able to link to your work on Twitter and in news sites. Can I just post all the email content on a web site?” Boom. 3 hours later, I’ve bought a name, put up 11 posts, added users, gotten approval, and launched a site. The domain and hosting is $17 per year at And it not even ugly!

Infrastructure Planning – Simplify, Automate, and then Integrate

In March I wrote up: Quick Set Up of Fledgling Biz IT which described the quick brochure-ware site I put up with/for a client. That client and I have been meeting since then to work out his business plan and strategy. Yesterday, I presented a back office infrastructure plan which included everything from who he will use to buy domains, to his webcasting method, to how his accounting will connect to his Customer Relations Management system. Most of the services are cloud-based and billed monthly. Continue reading “Infrastructure Planning – Simplify, Automate, and then Integrate”