A Note to the Abused – Do Something About it!

A few thousand people got this email. I’ll be surprised if a few people respond to the call to get engaged:

<< If you want to reduce the incidence of these crimes we need to:

1. Call 311 when you see suppositious people. MPD usually comes promptly.

2. Get rid of the drug houses and hang outs in the neighborhood. Many of these crimes are committed so someone can get the $30 dollars to visit that drug house or those suspicious people sitting in the park that you know about and haven’t been pressuring the police to close down.

3. Get DDoT to improve the lighting in our neighborhood. The blocks east of 17th are dark. DDoT needs to cut the trees back, replace bulbs, and put in some new lights. People (particularly DDoT staffers) get tired of hearing me say this. It matters.

4. If the government perceives that we are tolerating this level of crime in our neighborhood, it has plenty of other priorities to attend to. The next Dupont Public Safety meeting is July 19th at 7pm at MPD 3D Headquarters. People seem to not turn out to these meetings if the incident is more than 2 weeks after the latest incident. We need 20 people work with MPD, Park Police, the US Attorney, the judges, and the Core Team year-round if we want to get to the next level of safety.

Rob Halligan Dupont ANC >>

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