Rob has eighteen years of strategic, planning, investment, operations, and management experience with expertise in the following areas: team building, business development, strategic planning, and core business process engineering. He has substantial experience in the planning of complex information technology installations and web systems development and managing ad hoc problem-solving teams on a project basis.

He also is an expert in leading teams on their business planning, funding acquisitions, client proposals, team build-outs, and systems implementation. Furthermore, he works as an independent consultant managing technology for private sector and government engagements while performing an extraordinary amount of community service.

Rob has served in various roles in Internet-related start-ups:

•Co-founder of a fixed broadband wireless network provider responsible for corporate infrastructure, funding, hiring, business development, and network roll-out;
•Chief Technology Officer, leading the technical team for the launch of a multi-web site, online learning AOL-backed, non-profit project where he oversaw corporate information technology infrastructure development, computer lab provisioning, set-up, and the management of content, hosting, security, and look-and-feel of four web development projects;
•Investor/Analyst acquiring and developing technology companies, analyzing corporate acquisition strategies, sales, marketing, and infrastructure development. He researched and analyzed investment decisions and performed due diligence;
•Investor consultant to for-profit business incubator. He was detailed into these companies to prepare them for their next business phase

He was the President and owner of a company which designed and manufactured Silicon Valley prototypes, agricultural packaging, and planters for malls. Rob managed and directed the takeover team which tripled the size the company.

He has been involved in real estate development projects acquiring and rehabilitating homes and apartment complexes. He served as investor, project manager and/or general contractor directing financial, operational, and construction oversight to prepare properties for re-sale. He maintains interests in Monterey, California and Washington, DC.

He has served as board member for a variety of technology companies including: InsideKnowledge, Northstar Technologies, and, Zevas Ltd. of Ireland, Zefone Ltd. of Ireland, and ConsumerMDNetwork, Inc. Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona with a concentration in Economics and Business Administration. He studied microeconomics as a graduate student at the University of California at Santa Cruz.