Chatty Blather

Now back from the beach with 235 activism emails piled up, I’ve been thoroughly avoiding chasing up any paying work by sending over 50 activist emails a day. ABC/ABRA, DDoT, DPW, MPD, the US Attorney, the Parks Dept, and Robert Bobb have been my targets.

Not many people showed up at my Public Safety meeting after putting out a few calls to action. Even without the citizens seeming to care, MPD has had a lot going on the drug front. I asked them to do some PR on what’s been going on. As much as I try to cheerlead for them, 95% of the community communication is inbound and 5% outbound.

I’ve had lots ABRA/ABC emails of back and forth on whether they followed up on one thing or another and I forwarded anonymized emails of constituents trashing them. I try to hope that they are on a constant improvement track.

The Asst. US Attorney is looking into why the accused BORF graffitists were only charged with misdemeanors.

I felt like I was doing a “Who’s on First” routine with DPW. It took all morning and a dozen emails before anyone would tell me who the deputy director in charge of enforcing dumpster infractions was…not confidence inspiring.

I’m not sure if I’m going to publish the Robert Bobb correspondence. I’ll see how he responds. Carole Schwartz says she’s looking into the DDoT allegations I’ve made. I haven’t even put stuff up here thatI’ve put on the very public Dupont Forum. I need more feedback on what to do with this blog before I go out of beta with it.

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