Hodge Podge

Email Address/Logons – I changed my email address recently. A month after sending notification to the people in my address book, more than 95% of my email is coming to the new address. Given that most address books and CRM systems I look at are pretty messed-up looking,  I’m pleasantly surprised that such a large percentage of people are maintaining their address books that well. The labor-intensive part of the switch-over has been changing my registration contact with services. I counted 124 different logons or contact forms I’ve changed. Only about 10 of the services offered Open ID or Facebook Connect logons; maybe next time I switch logons en masse, I’ll be able to use universal logons.

Linux – When trying to get the data off a hard drive last week, I tried to boot it in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. After spending a couple frustrating hours on that I downloaded Ubuntu, burned it, and just ran it off a CD. From here forward when I’m in similar situations, I’ll go straight to Linux. Although I’m used to and use Windows, I don’t have issues with Mac or Linux. Linux dealt with this issue elegantly.

Weekend Research – I’m considering writing up and putting out a new business model for my consulting.

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