I’m not running for City Council

I pulled this off the front page of the  Halligan Projects site and am not running for City Council.

<< We need new leadership in the Ward 2 Council seat.

I’m at a crossroads and am looking for input. I’m seriously considering a run for the Washington, DC City Council Ward 2 seat in the September 2008 Democratic primary.

If there is someone out there who would be better at being the Ward 2 Councilmember, please come forward. I’ll throw all my support behind you and try to get my supporters to help you. If we expect to beat the over-funded, entrenched incumbent, we are going to have to all work together.

If no one more likely to win and represent us well comes forward, I will run because I have great confidence than I can effectively lead. Believe me; it comes as a greater surprise to me than you that the twisted path of my life leads me here. But after thinking about it and talking to hundreds of people about it over the past year, I can say that I want it, will be good at it, and will do what it take to get it.

The standard for running for office public office is to act invincible. I just can’t play it with that much ego. To me, that’s why “politician” is so often a dirty word.

Please send this link around and write or call with names of potential supporters. (Getting me names of potential supporters is the most important thing you could do at this point.) Please, invite me to your organization’s event or over to coffee with a few friends. Get to know me as so many activists in Dupont Circle and around the city already have. Teach me about your neighborhood’s issues. Walk your block with me knocking on doors.

If this is the first you’ve heard about me, ask around. Send an email to get on my mailing list. Check back as this site evolves. Look for a campaign launch whether mine or someone else’s. Or take me out on a test drive by asking me to solve a city problem for you. I’m really only considering running because, as a Dupont Circle activist, peopled have seemed to think I’m good at problem-solving, strategizing, planning, innovating, and sticking on problems.

We shouldn’t get tolerant of the status quo of this government like so many of our elected officials have. This government is a mess; we need to systematically restructure it.

People who meet me in the context of my Washington, DC city activism work often have trouble understanding what else I do. So, I’m putting my various projects together in this website to show a more global view. I do need to make a living, so the consulting part of this website is not going anywhere. >>

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