The Director is a “Financial Guy”

DDoT has not yet spent any of the road and alley funds for fiscal 2005 (which ends in 45 days). If you are sick of having a 4-wheel-drive alley, that complete mis-management should incite you to storm the Reaves Center.

They have these beautiful maps of each ward with different color lines on alleys indicating the year they plan to re-pave or re-rebuild which alley out to the year 2010. Yeah right, that’ll happen! It’s a beauticul fiction.

    I just don’t how many times I can say…

    I write a lotta emails like this and I’m still unsure whether I ought to be blogging them.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Rob Halligan (ANC 2B01)
    Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 6:15 PM
    To: ‘Mark Bjorge’; ‘Dan (DDOT) Tangherlini’; ‘Bill (DDOT) Rice’; ‘Ramona Burns’
    Cc: ‘Carlson Klapthor’; …. Carol Schwartz (
    Subject: RE: Hansen # 994-996, Hansen # 978-412, and a attempted murder

    ….and the repeated acts of prostitution committed in that spot since the light went out…and the numerous car break-ins under the out light. Continue reading “I just don’t how many times I can say…”

    A Sense of How Bad…

    So far this year Boston has had 41 murders with less than 700 police officers. In DC MPD alone has over 3500 officers and 117 murders so far this year. And we have numerous other policing entities. Boston has more people than Washington. These simple facts give one the sense of what a mess we still need to clean up.

    The City Council passes over a 1000 laws a year. With all that legislating, why is the government still only-half functional?

    A Start….

    This blog got covered by another blog. That may sound like an echo chamber but that’s a positve thing in the (gag me) blogosphere. I was hoping to keep a separation between my intemperate blogging id and my ANC id but this guy links them:

    …better to go out with a bang than a wimper….

    Do any of my readers use RSS feeds? The feeling that screaming in the wilderness is bad enough (when no one who I show this thing will post a comment) but spending time setting up an RSS feed when I doubt any (either) of my readers would subscribe, would be depressing. An alternative would be to email a link to people who I’d like to read a partular post.

    (Pardon the navel-gazing but I do want to repeat that I’m still feeling my way into this and want to develop a bit of a coherent style and message before taking this out of beta.)

    What’s an ANC Commissioner?

    I overheard the neighbor of a Maryland friend of mine ask what an ANC Commissioner does. My friend who often hears me on the phone said, “It seems they try to make people who are getting paid by the DC government actually do their jobs.” I liked that.

    Chatty Blather

    Now back from the beach with 235 activism emails piled up, I’ve been thoroughly avoiding chasing up any paying work by sending over 50 activist emails a day. ABC/ABRA, DDoT, DPW, MPD, the US Attorney, the Parks Dept, and Robert Bobb have been my targets. Continue reading “Chatty Blather”

    Call to Action on DupontForum

    Posted to The Dupont Forum

    We’ve been having some success calling 727-1000 to report public trash cans overflowing. They have come out right away. That’s really not a long term solution, though. The DCCA Environment Committee that was announced this week will help as well. Our Neighborhood Services Coordinator is making some progress, but he doesn’t get enough support. I asked to meet with the Dep. Director of DPW but like so many requests it fell though the cracks – which brings me to my point. Continue reading “Call to Action on DupontForum”

    …not in touch with what is going on in trenches

    I was telling some ANC commissioners today how I’ve been surprised to recently hear Mayor Williams and 3 City Councilman go out of their way to praise DDoT Director, Dan Tangherlini. Where as, I can’t find an ANC Commissioner who doesn’t think that DDoT is abysmally managed, that dealing with them isn’t torture, and that they are not incredibly inefficient. Tangherlini has been the director since the department was founded. How could he not be to blame? One commissioner today theorized that Tangherlini must “manage up” better than he “manages down”.

    Note to City Council and Mayor Williams: you are not in touch with what is going on in trenches if you are saying Tangherlini is doing a good job.