Start a Group?

One of my beta readers had the thought that this rebellion against being abused should be formed as a group that would endorse candidates. The young and upcoming political class who are willing to speak truth to power. After an initial sit-down, my friend is going to come back with something written.

One of my thoughts is that if 15 people or 50 people had blogs like this one – that were all linked – it would be a group in itself. The media wouldn’t have to call around to get stories, they would just read the blogs.

Having an occasional meeting would be interesting, though. I’m thinking we could show the movie Network at the first one.


DDoT-Urban Forestry Administrator Doesn’t Care About Our Gingko Hell

I typically have 40 to 60 such open items with DDoT. Many of these tasks stay open for years. The Director of DDoT has testified at his oversight hearing that he told his staff to not spend time on citizens questions because it gets in the way of them accomplishing things. Here’s a typical devolving encounter:

<< I was giving you the benefit of the doubt by starting out believing that you were going to follow up. This experience has turned out the same as most DDoT experiences: I ask why DDoT didn’t properly do what they are tasked to do; DDoT pretended they were checking on it; I squawk and squawk and it still falls between the cracks. Continue reading “DDoT-Urban Forestry Administrator Doesn’t Care About Our Gingko Hell”

Buildings Falling Down

I’ve heard of 7 buildings falling down in the neighborhoods surrounding me – Dupont, Adams Morgan, Logan, and Shaw – in the past year. Last year, I sat down with the Chief Building Inspector to show him the press clippings of 4 of them. He hadn’t heard of them. Most of these were Victorian brick houses or early 20th century apartment buildings that were under construction or where the neighboring lot was under construction. Almost every one in the city knows what a painful process it is to get a permit to do such construction and how inspectors come around at every stage in the process. How hard could it be to only permit and monitor work that will not allow buildings to fall down? They have the PR that they are busting illegal construction: D.C. Battling Boom in Illegal Work on Homes Continue reading “Buildings Falling Down”

DDoT Dyfunctionality

First thing this morning a competent, energetic, and pleasant DDoT employee who I’ve had a couple dealings with called to ask my opinion on something. He was tasked with trying to find an alternative to something that would upset people. He probably wanted the people who will likely be doing the complaining about it (like me) to be informed before they got too far into it as much as he wanted my thoughts. It was bad news, but it was a positive encounter with a pro-active government. Continue reading “DDoT Dyfunctionality”