Quick Set Up of Fledgling Biz IT

I set up a website and email system for a fledgling business last week in about 3 hours. I sent some options with pros/cons and then Skyped the founder. He showed his desktop and clicked through some links. We chose to buy the web domain and hosting from WordPress.com. WordPress.com makes it easy to set up email through Goggle Apps. I helped the founder click through the sign up process, and we chose a site template. He went away to write up the content while I set up the site and email.  The next day, I posted the content and Skyped the founder. He showed his desktop, critiqued the site, learned how to post, and signed into his pre-existing Gmail account. We then went through how he is now receiving his company name email into his Gmail , can send from the new company domain address, and tweaked the site. The domain, hosting, and email comes to under $15 a year in one payment. It was refreshing to get something going without complications.

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  1. Great post, Rob – so few of us understand the inner workings of building a website w/out complications. I am posting this on LinkedIn to help others.

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