Halligan Projects’ strategic consulting services include:

•Strategic Advisory Counseling
•Back Office Infrastructure Planning
•Operational Planning
•Human Capital Recruitment and Management
•Mergers and Acquisition Analysis/ Due Diligence
•Licensing Agreements
•Strategic Partnerships
•Integration of Newly Combined Entities
•Marketing and Competitive Analysis

Halligan Projects’ tactical consulting services include:

•Business Process Engineering
•Website and Database and Design/Development
•Business Analysis
•Project Management
•CRM and CMS (Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint)
•Technology Assessment
•Software Procurement and Integration
•Paid Crowdsourcing

With Halligan Projects, you can simplify IT asset acquisition, configuration, integration, and deployment. We can get you in front of potential customers, potential recruits, and strategic partners. Halligan Projects is experienced in the formation of strategic alliances, joint ventures, joint development partners, cooperatives, and other business combinations where parties retain varying degrees of independence. Halligan Projects’ role may include strategic analysis, initiating alliances, and ongoing implementation consulting. We also spend lots of time building and enhancing simple web sites and databases.

Please send proposals and questions to Halligan Projects.​