“US Gov Digital Dark Ages Are Over”

This weekend’s TransparencyCamp unconference was a blast…lots of famous geeks and uber-geeks (with surprisingly few Asperger’s Syndrome cases) almost all toting Macs or netbooks and inputting twitter handles into iPhones apps rather than exchanging business cards. (It’s awesome to come back from a [un]conference without any paper. Oft heard phrase, “It’s up on the wiki already.”)…I put up a topic for discussion and ended up being assigned a 91-seat auditorium-style room for the first round of sessions – yikes.

I’ve had thoughts of starting a non-profit with the goal of forcing the DC city gov to be more transparent (thereby marrying my DC activism to my technology skills); that was a big reason for going to tcamp. DC has made a good start at making their data available and not much has yet been done with it, yet. EricG from Development Seed gave a really good session on what he has done with that data.

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