Halligan Projects Consulting brings together ad hoc teams of professionals to provide business, non-profit, and government clients with experienced counsel. We engage a network of management executives, capital sources, professional service firms, and other subject matter experts to help clients grow their revenue, re-structure, and transition their technologies.

We function as an umbrella organization for the varied consulting and equity-based projects that Rob Halligan leads. His experience starting/running businesses and with a business-incubator provides the know-how and contacts for him to give wise advice on how to scale-up and evolve or start-up. We bring a unique, creative, and entrepreneurial spirit grounded in rigorous analytical disciplines and years of hands-on (management and transactional) experience to our clients.

Halligan Projects’ professionals and partner companies bring years of strategic consulting, venture investing, and entrepreneurial management experience. We leverage relationships with funding sources, recruiters, 8a companies, governments, associations, and health care facilities as consultants, referral partners, resellers, and occasional equity partners. We find customers, funding, consultants, development partners, and perform analysis.

We operate on a time-and-materials or on a project basis. Occasionally, Halligan Projects receives a portion of its compensation for its services in the form of equity or other success-based compensation. In these cases, as partners, Halligan Projects’ incentives are directly aligned with the long-term success of our partner clients.

We offer traditional Services and what we are calling Paid Crowdsourcing consulting.