Slaps Self in Forehead

I finally got some real worth out of LinkedIn. When looking for a very specific geek skill, I searched my LinkedIn Contacts for the name of the technology and constrained to my geographical region. Up popped a few candidates and mutual Contacts to ask for a reference. Forehead Slap Thought: I really out to Connect with all the people in my address book to make these searches better. I’ve also started using LinkedIn Groups and am getting some value out of that.

Non-Profit Software Shopper

I spend a lot of time analyzing the capabilities of software. One, clients expect you to know that stuff without you billing them for it. Two, I live in fear of assuming a piece (or combination) of software won’t do what I promised. It also can be fun – as window shopping can be.

I bumped into the analysis Gareth Tucker did for a super-small business, yesterday. Here’s another for larger businesses (prices seem to be in New Zealand Dollars). Here’s a concerted effort to serve a business’ complete needs with Google Apps.

A friend showed me Bellstrike a silly-simple website building platform for non-profits, today. This is all good stuff that I wanted to give mention. Think strategically before making these choices or bring someone in who’s trained to do so.