A Start….

This blog got covered by another blog. That may sound like an echo chamber but that’s a positve thing in the (gag me) blogosphere. I was hoping to keep a separation between my intemperate blogging id and my ANC id but this guy links them:


…better to go out with a bang than a wimper….

Do any of my readers use RSS feeds? The feeling that screaming in the wilderness is bad enough (when no one who I show this thing will post a comment) but spending time setting up an RSS feed when I doubt any (either) of my readers would subscribe, would be depressing. An alternative would be to email a link to people who I’d like to read a partular post.

(Pardon the navel-gazing but I do want to repeat that I’m still feeling my way into this and want to develop a bit of a coherent style and message before taking this out of beta.)

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