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We’ve been having some success calling 727-1000 to report public trash cans overflowing. They have come out right away. That’s really not a long term solution, though. The DCCA Environment Committee that was announced this week will help as well. Our Neighborhood Services Coordinator is making some progress, but he doesn’t get enough support. I asked to meet with the Dep. Director of DPW but like so many requests it fell though the cracks – which brings me to my point.

I would like to start, join, or improve such a grass roots activism movement. When I’ve called for letter to judges or the police chief through the Dupont Public Safety Committee, we’ve had excellent results. I’ve asked that people interested in pushing our Public Safety to another level show up tonight at (The Dupont/Kalorama Joint Public Safety meeting (known to MPD as the PSA 306 meeting) tonight, (Tuesday) at 7pm at 1620 V Street and every third Tuesday.)

On other matters where I’ve hoped for email campaigns to pressure people, I’ve been frustrated. I’d like to see the city government rise to the next level of accountability. The mayor, his executive branch, and most of the City Council are “Ivory Tower”. This is our government. We pay more taxes than almost anywhere in the country; we shouldn’t tolerate our government torturing us with a 2 year rebuild of R Street; we shouldn’t tolerate the wait for the P Street Project; we shouldn’t tolerate the lack of enforcement on trash issues, etc.

I say we all CC those interested on our requests for service, post a spreadsheet of promised actions, blog every egregious abuse that we endure, and link to everyone else’s postings of abuse. Demand accountability. Write me at

Rob Halligan
Dupont ANC


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Dupont Circle Clean up Days
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Anyone wonder why the trash cans are too often overflowing with
trash, or why the fountain is not running PROPERLY more often than
it is?

If there was a grass roots movement (maybe in cooperation with the
Dupont Circle Ass’n) to fix this situation by joining an organized
group of volunteers – how many people might be interested in

Give me some feed back…


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