One could say the DC government is bought and paid for by developers.

This started as a post in the DupontForum.

You should be worried about the cost effective use of your money. In 2002 we asked for a fence, a double gate, and some pea gravel. Parks and Rec brought in some fancy landscape architect and milked that idea for 7 years. When I was on the ANC, we approved a far simpler dog park than what we got. As fancy as it is and with 7 years to get it right, there are too many problems. This to me points to this government’s huge inclination towards contractors. One could say the DC government is bought and paid for by developers.

 Notice that when Mayor Fenty is asked about the progress of the city, he cites that they are building schools, libraries, and parks. CM Evans on last Friday’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show parroted Mayor Fenty. This is their agenda – while the scandals and incredible inefficiencies continue. Did we want a $1 billion dollar stadium? No, but Clark Construction probably did. After CM Evans made us pay for that stadium, he had trouble giving away tickets for a game last month on this listserv. (His staff wrote in 3 times.) Did we want that white elephant convention center?

 Developers put $3 million in Fenty’s campaign account to assure he’d keep building libraries and $150 million dollar forensic labs. There is no over-all plan for library-building, but the ribbon-cuttings continue while social services get cut. Notice that the library board has people from the Federal City Council on it. Notice the Deputy Major for Education comes from the Federal City Council. Look at the budget. Look at the book Free Lunch. What’s next? The money behind the Fenty/Evans partnership is trying to bring you Clark Ray; the only way Clark Ray will a city council seat is if he bellies up the developer trough like Mayor Fenty and CM Evans. Try floating the idea of running for city council, and you’ll see what offers come your way.

$1500 bribes and the hiring of girlfriends are the least of our problems. It’s $8.5 million that CM Evans supposedly gave CM Marion Barry in earmarks so CM Barry would vote for Evans $10 million dollar Ford Theater boondoggle and the hundreds of similar deals that should worry us. Our own DC government is keeping us from getting statehood or a senator, keeping our taxes high, and not concentrating on the dysfunctionality of its service to its citizens.

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