Resigning from ANC to take DCCA Presidency

My election as President of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association is looking certain. I’m going to resign my ANC seat this month. I’ve enjoyed being a commissioner more than I could have imagined. If you knew me four years ago, you wouldn’t likely have guessed that I’d be the DCCA President. All this started for me with me getting mugged. My reaction was that I should do something positive as a response. Some people may dispute whether most of what I’ve done is positive, but they wouldn’t likely dispute that I’ve gotten a lot done. I plan to have a bigger impact from my new position at DCCA.

I’ll start at DCCA at the May meeting. The ANC seat would have to sit empty until January if I don’t resign by April 27. I’d like to find a good replacement and have sent my constituents (whose email I have) instructions on how to run for the seat. I could spend time teaching my successor the ropes; it’s not like I’m going anywhere. Contact me if you are (or have someone who is considering) running so I could help. None of the projects I’m working on will get dropped. I’ll likely keep doing my Public Safety Committee work and running the DupontForum.

Good neighborhoods don’t just happen; they are created, nurtured, and maintained. If we all do what we can to pitch in this will keep getting to be a better place to live and work. If more people do three hours a month the jobs of community work, we should better be able to attract people to do the jobs that are presently too time-consuming. There’s still lots of low-hanging fruit in neighborhood problem-solving.

Rob Halligan

202 319 1313

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